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For several years now, marketers have wondered if print is dead. And, with every passing year, those people who earn a living through print advertisements continue to sing its praises.


But sometimes, so as to convince people of something, you’ll need more than sung praises — you will need science.


Well consider this: neuroscience has proven that print advertisements make a better impression than electronic ones. Various studies have suggested that on a brain-chemistry degree, people look at print content such as signage printing with increased engagement and focus, and of course a deeper emotional reaction, than they do material seen on a display.


While electronic content is scanned quickly, paper-based reading is slower and more deliberate, resulting in greater rates of recall and comprehension. For advertisers, this means that conventional print media advertisements are more likely to generate a lasting impression and, thus, lead to more sales, making printing like flyer printing worthwhile.


Why Printing Will Always Stay Relevant — Throughout 2018 and Beyond


Printing will have many advantages over electronic mediums, namely:




Perhaps the fact that printing has been around as long gives it prestige. As a result of its rich history, advertisements that appear in print are inclined to be taken far more seriously.




Studies suggest that readers trust print more than any other medium. In actuality, according to an October 2016 poll by MarketingSherpa, 82 percent of U.S. internet users anticipate print advertisements when making a purchase decision, more than any other medium. The same goes for financial documents such as annual reports, no one reads them online and that is why annual report printing still exists in a big way.


Clearly Defined Target Audiences


Healthy ROIs require the capability to target readers efficiently. Print advertisements allow positioning in the most relevant editorial sections of books. Conversely, when purchasing ads from electronic networks, you may never be quite sure your message will reach the right audience at the perfect time.


High Interest Rates


Humans have become contemporary multitaskers. We check email when texting our buddies while binge-watching our favourite TV shows. To put it differently, we seldom provide digital content our full attention.


Print content, on the other hand, allows us to really focus and engage. And, when it comes to getting our message across, you can not beat whole engagement.


Print Drives Online Search


According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers are most likely to begin an internet search after seeing a magazine ad.


Print Ad Tips


Now that you know just how successful print advertising can be, Here are a few suggestions to make your advertisements as effective as possible:


Keep it Simple


Simple print design works best. Busy or cluttered advertisements turn off readers. But simple layouts enable your messaging (your concise messaging) to be read easily.


Forgo large blocks of copy to smaller ones, and consider using bullet points to clearly define advantages. Beyond this, san-serif fonts have been demonstrated to be the easiest to read.


Mind Your Flow


The human eye naturally wants to begin at the top left of a page or advertisement and move down toward the bottom right. You may help this visual journey by laying out text along the eye’s natural ‘path’ across the page.


Highlight the Benefits


Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of pointing out features in their advertising instead of advantages. Here’s an example:


“We use just locally-sourced meats and produce.” Alright, that makes you seem beautiful, but does your client really care? No, not really. They care more about the fact that, due to a meal delivery service, they do not need to cook after a long day at work and they are able to afford this convenience. That is the way your service benefits them.


Though your site can record product or service features, your advertisement should only concentrate on the largest benefits to your potential clients. This is how you hook them and make them discover more.


It is not that digital advertisements should not have any place in your marketing arsenal. It’s just, if you want your audience to actually connect with your advertisements, science says your best opportunities are via print books.


To summarize, will print advertisements still work in 2018?


Will a hot fudge sundae still taste amazing?