Contributor February 7, 2018
Real Estate

The development of newer technologies and techniques has made it possible for the actual estate agents and the agents to create a site of their own.

Creating real estate sites have become easier than ever and you will observe that there are lots of real estate directories you’ll need to compete with. To stand apart from the crowd, you have to create a website that’s feature rich and convenient to use.

Here’s a list of all of the very best real estate site features that you could integrate into your site to impress your customers and make your mark. Following are the features that your site should have:

Front end listing submission

Front end listing entry on a property site isn’t a compulsory attribute, but it’s among the most popular in addition to beneficial.

Enabling your front customers to post their commercial real estate for sale enhances the usability of your site for them. Apart from this is one of the qualities of a real estate site whereby you can earn money.

Once your site starts gaining sufficient traffic, you should begin allowing front end property admissions. People would want to post their possessions on a popular site where their listings will find the deserved attention. And when folks want to market their property on your website, it is possible to control the revenue to do so.

Another excellent benefit of using the front end record submission is that it raises the amount of useful content on your own site. Moreover, with more attributes, there is a higher chance for the visitors to discover the result they have been on the lookout for.

With front end entry enabled within your web design, your site becomes useful for the individuals that are searching for a platform to promote their listings too. And then, your audience isn’t only the one’s who wish to look for land, but also the one’s who wish to advertise their listings and trying to find a platform to do so.

Proper images for each property listing

Pictures speak louder than words. They are pleasant to eyes, and easy to comprehend. Adding relevant, optimized and higher quality graphics is obviously going to benefit you.

Obviously, associated with each property listing, there is going to be a picture of that property. However, you may use many images for the identical property. How nice it is to demonstrate the image of the property from various dimensions. It will help make your listing more intriguing and lovely.

A Fantastic design

Web page content is undoubtedly the king, but layout too is essential. An eye catching design can help you gain more traffic and persuades them to stay and explore the options.

It’s always great to get a decorative design for your site, at precisely the exact same time, it’s critical that your website isn’t over-adorned. The design components shouldn’t over shadow the real content of your site, but most certainly should be an important part of your digital strategy.

Again, the design of your site must complement the content and the fundamental idea of your site. If you’re making website with CMS such as WordPress or you could create a custom Craft website design, you can pick from plenty of topics and proceed with a design that appeals you the most.

The design of your site should not undermine the main functionalities of your website. For example — Always go for a design that focuses on CTA, a layout that highlights the buttons, important links and an attractive, efficient menu.

Besides design, there are a couple of different features that could help you earn a killer real estate site.

An easy to search site

All your visitors will visit your site for one definite intent. To search the properties on your own site. However, when yours is an enormous real estate directory site with thousands of unique listings on it, locating the appropriate property for a user gets difficult.

The ultimate intention of your site is fulfilled when the people find what they want. And so we are in need of a system that’s easy to look through. An internet property portal ought to be capable of providing fast, filtered and relevant results based on the consumer’s search query. For enabling this, you can create a search feature such as the one displayed in the picture below.

The ultimate objective of your site should be that the visitors find relevant results effortlessly. Nobody likes to waste their time on a website, particularly when there are tons of other websites offering the identical service efficiently resulting in a stronger brand positioning strategy. So let your site be quick to react to the user request and effective to learn the sort of results to show to the visitors according to their searches.

Flawless navigation

Navigation includes all of the links dispersed across the web-page, CTAs in addition to the menu. For any type of website, a suitable navigation is vital. The navigation system of your site need to be sure that the visitors are easily redirected to the pages of the interest, without needing to click unique links.

An efficient navigation system includes a stunning and interactive menu. The menu has to be somewhat well-organized with the hyperlinks classified as the primary menu names and the sub-menus. The main menu names should be carefully chosen because they need to reflect what sort of sub-menus are beneath them.

Also, as soon as your site is live and you’re making changes to your pages, keep a check that all of the linked pages redirect correctly. We never wish to send a valuable user to a “Page not found” page. Also make the best use of this Call to Action section. Use the most effective text label, attractive colours that align with your business branding and screen elements in order to encourage your customers to choose the action.

Contact the listing owner

A property listings directory is all about the commercial real estate properties you are trying to sell or lease. The traffic coming to your site is going to be the people on land search. When they find any property they’re considering, there should be a means for them to communicate with the operator. For this purpose, we are in need of a contact the list owner form on the list page.

This form can be placed in the sidebar area or near the footer, under the listing description. So any person who would like to get in contact with the owner of a house can quickly key in their message and send a query message to the list owner.

Idx listings

Incorporating MLS listings into your site using IDX makes your site more feature rich. You can show your customers a massive array of MLS properties on your site using IDX.

With IDX facility, it is possible to show a portion of the MLS list on your site. With the MLS listings on your site, the total amount of searchable and useable content increases. It increases the probability of a visitor to locate the home.
List places based on Maps

The majority of the real estate directories online are now map established. Maps make it easy for the users to identify the exact place. Also a map can help them find all the properties of a specific area simultaneously.

There are maps that may help the people with navigation and instructions. Maps are helpful and they make your site look prettier too. Moreover, maps are a handy way to display address on a site. So using maps to your property directory is almost always a fantastic idea.

Detailed listing

The listings on a property site are the principal pages whereby the people can understand the details of a property they’re interested in. Additionally, a property owner wanting to sell his house wants to provide a growing number of detail about it when advertising it.

So you must always make certain that the design you choose for your real estate site lets you display an extremely detailed listing.

As an example, below is the screen capture of the listing detail page and it shows all of the essential facts about the property “Level 6 Shredding”. It describes the lease, the place, the speech, maps, floor design, etc..

Owner’s info

A complete, helpful and confirmed information about the owner of the list can be given to the visitors, if they would like to know. Some visitors are merely curious to learn about, why others would love to use the supplied information and contact the broker/owner. So, the operator’s information about a listing is significant also. You can utilise it consulting services in melbourne to help you with this stage.

Despite the fact that the owner’s information isn’t as important field for a property image or a property description, but it certainly adds value to a property listings.

If you don’t want to emphasize owner’s advice, you may keep the prominent places on your page for important elements and set the operator’s information near footer.


All the features we have talked above aren’t mandatory, but if you listen to them, they can be quite useful for your website. Besides them, a number of different factors such as the quality of content you publish on your site, the extent or the place the listings cover, the SEO, the contest, the cloud computing services you use, etc play their part in the success of your internet property dealing website.

Creating and managing such site takes in lot of hardwork, dedication and persistence. With the changing time and scenarios, you may have to change the things. Experience tells better!! And you can make changes and alterations as your site keeps performing better!